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Music Engraving / Transcription

...and other stuff in the area of my musical activities.

Next to my own written notes and scores I also engrave them, transcribe them, pluck notes and "speak" about them.
  • Music engraving / typesetting / copying

    Besides engraving my own works, I offer professional engraving and printing of parts and scores of manuscripts. I do that not only according to Clinton Roemers demanding guidelines in The Art of Music Copying, but also with sharp eyes and appropriate software.
    Your samples are in good hands with me: As a graduate arranger that has worked with a wide array of well-known ensembles, I'm very experienced as regards accurate content and appealing looks of engraved music.
    Two examples of an engraved part (144 kB) and a score (180 kB) can be viewed at the right side as a jpg or pdf. I you need additional examples, just ask me and I will immediately send them to you via email.

  • Transcription:

    For example, you've heard a big band arrangement of Harry Connick jr. and now have the desire to play that arrangement with your own big band? - But eventually you find that it's out of print and can't be bought? Or you are a publisher, needing a transcribed score to register a tune with ASCAP?
    Hey, open your ears: I solve such problems quite frequently and will transcribe every recording, no matter what type of group, as an authentic score.

  • Presentation:

    Since a couple of years I've been a presenter for the large public broadcasting station RBB in Berlin. Until December 2003 I mainly created and presented the radio series "Late Night - Jazz live". Guests, interviews, live concert broadcasts - and much music in up to now more than 100 hours.

    Do you want to listen to a short sample of my voice? (195 kB, German)

  • Bass

    ...sometimes I play a lot, at other times I play less, but I love it. At the time I did my degree I played much more than today, but that might change in the future. At least how and with whom I plucked the strings in the past can be alternatively heard or read in the sections Music and Robert who?.

Any needs or questions? Just contact me. I'm looking forward to receiving your email.

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