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Music Arranger / Composer

How does the music get onto paper?

A range from solo arrangements to smaller ensembles, choirs / vocal groups, big bands or jazz orchestras to really large ensembles like the Metropole Orchestra with around 70 musicians, that's the mix of ensembles I've been working with as a music arranger and composer. Stilistically I'm at home in the broader field of jazz, so that I'm also busy with pop or film music.

It's important to me that not a single arrangement leaves my home until it's lovingly finished with adequate sympathy. For appealing music engraving / typesetting I use professional software. If one wants to hear an arrangement before it's actually recorded or performed, I can produce squeaky midi-files or mp3-files with reasonable genuine samples.

For and with whom I've been working as a music arranger and composer can be seen in the sections Robert who? und Music. Any questions about my work? Feel free to contact me.

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