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What, where and when...

• upcoming Arrangements and Compositions
The 18 musicians ensemble Swiss Horns just released a new CD. The arrangements of tracks 15 (Amen / Curtis Mayfield) and 16 (Morgenrot / Alberik Zwyssig) are written by me.
Also just released: The CD Mellow Tones by singer Kristofer Benn. I arranged his composition "Amor Passado" on that CD.

In cooperation with Austrian television (ORF) I just finished an arrangement for a film production and a CD about the Danube. I gave a new musical robe to Johann Strauß for an ensemble of 17 musicians.

Xinowa SejI'm currently co-writing a new, up to now "unheard" concert program for the three wonderful ladies of Xinowa Sej for a tour and a CD production.

For a bigband in southern Germany I'm commissioned to arrange the tune "What a Difference a Day made".

Besides that I am busy arranging two new concert programs for vocals and ensemble.

• upcoming Productions
With my "Robert Lingnau Jazz Orchestra" that was founded in the year 2000, I plan to record a CD in this year's autumn in the studios of Broadcast Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB). More about that at the moment I'll know more about it. ;-)

• upcoming Radio Shows
In November 2004 I presented three live shows from the JazzFest Berlin for several ARD broadcasting stations. 13 hours of radio program with interesting music and interviews, amongst others with our Federal President Horst Köhler.

After about 70 issues of my regular show "Late Night - Jazz live" at Kulturradio of broadcasting station RBB there's now an "intermission". My appreciated colleague Ulf Drechsel will continue to present that show in his beautiful and incomparable manner.

• anything else?
Build a house, plant a tree, father a child... ;-)
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