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Arrangements and Compositions

as mp3-files, played by small ensembles.

• Amor Passado

1,2 MB, 05:04 mins play
Kristofer Benn / Inken Sarah Mischke
Berlin Voices
Soloist: Claus-Dieter Bandorf, piano

"Bygone love" - If one can take pleasure in something like that, it might be the emotional desire to compose a thoughtful tune. A composition with Bossa Nova-flair, written by a member of the vocal group Berlin Voices.

• Disclosure declined

0,5 MB, 02:00 mins play
Frank Jauernick, guitar - C.D. Bandorf, Fender Rhodes - Robert Lingnau, bass - Jens Dohle, drums
Soloist: Frank Jauernick, guitar

...was the trailer music for my former jazz programme at Kulturradio, a large public radio station. Of course, I didn't decline any disclosure as regards content of my programme. Stilistically you might be reminded of Pat Metheny.

• Figuraciones

0,9 MB, 03:53 mins play
Ernan Lopez-Nussa
Xinowa Sej
Soloists: Zsuzsa Bálint, Kyoko Hosono, Dunja Robotti - piano

The english translation of this latin tune would be "arrangement". Voilà - here's one for the wonderful pianists of Xinowa Sej and their new programme.

• Persistence of Memory

1,5 MB, 06:17 mins play
Robert Lingnau Quintet
Soloists: Robert Lingnau, bass - Lars Kuklinski, trumpet - Niels Klein, saxophone

Well, the persistence of memory... If you want to have more information about what I was thinking about back then, read the description given for "Amor Passado". A sort of Bossa ballad, and at the same time the favourite song of my family.

• Song of Restlessness

2,2 MB, 10:23 mins play
Robert Lingnau Quintet
Soloists: Ole Seimetz, drums - Niels Klein, saxophone - Lars Kuklinski, trumpet and Nils Tegen, piano

The "Song of Restlessness" has its origin in the "Book of Restlessness" written by the Portuguese Nobel prize winner Fernando Pessoa. This musical book review is a grooving latin piece that starts off with a so-called battle.
Have fun listening to the music - and by visiting the link to Rabbi Phunkiewsky...
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