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Arrangements and Compositions

as mp3-files, played by large ensembles.

• Absence

1,7 MB, 07:46 mins play
Metropole Orchestra, Netherlands (conducted by Vince Mendoza)
Soloist: Ruud Breuls, fluegelhorn

The title says it. Who or what has been absent by the time I wrote the piece, that will stay my little secret. But, ergh, she knows. ;-) Film music without the necessity of a film, making you feeling lonely.

• Because I told you so

2,5 MB, 11:17 mins play
Robert Lingnau Jazz Orchestra
Soloists Nils Tegen, piano - Lars Kuklinski, trumpet - Sebastian "Johnny" John, trombone and Niels Klein, saxophone

This title is derived from an anecdote German bass player Sigi Busch told me. Actually the title should be "Be-be- cause-cause I-I told-told you-you so-so". But the GEMA (German ASCAP) would probably not accept a song title like that. A blues, stylistically a homage to the great Thad Jones.

• Cape Clipso

1,2 MB, 04:48 mins play
Jiggs Whigham
BBC-Bigband, Great Britain (conducted by Jiggs Whigham)
Soloists: Jiggs Whigham, trombone - Hal Fisher, drums

I thought that this tune would probably be a calypso when I saw the lead sheet in my fax machine. No surprise: My assumption was correct. Here's my arrangement with a little reference to "St. Thomas", weird but neat melodic lines, interpreted by a wonderful bigband.

• Cloudburst

0,9 MB, 03:47 mins play
Kirkland / Harris
Berlin Jazz Orchestra (conducted by Peter Herbolzheimer)
Soloists: Marc Secara, vocals - Patrick Braun, tenor saxophone and Nik Leistle, baritone saxophone

Arranged for remarkable singer Marc Secara, this piece - originally performed by vocalise world champion John Hendricks - is a true round dance of syllables. Don't try this at home. But if you decide to do so: Let me know if you succeed in singing just a few words of these lyrics. Swing it hard...

• Con Alma

0,3 MB, 01:02 mins play
Dizzy Gillespie
Metropole Orchestra, Netherlands (conducted by Vince Mendoza)

Have a look at the playing time of this arrangement: Don't take it too serious. Just in regards to arranging an acceptable change of style within a minute. I wrote it at nighttime, locked in a radio building. Even worse, I had no change for the coffee machine.

• Conditons

1,5 MB, 06:12 mins play
Bigband of Hesse broadcast, Frankfurt (conducted by R. Lingnau)
Soloists: Heinz-Dieter Sauerborn, saxophone - Peter Feil, trombone

With this musical greeting certain conditions should have been forced to change. It didn't work out, and that was an extra shock because it was a matter of a woman. But hey, don't offer me your condolences. Certainly a waltz, but not from Vienna.

• Morgenrot

1,0 MB, 04:15 mins play
based on Albert Zwyssig, "Schweizerpsalm"
Swiss Horns (conducted by Juri Gilbo)

Because the Swiss national soccer team never got far in international tournaments, their national anthem is not well known. So I was a bit shocked when a publisher commissioned me to write this new arrangements for concert band. One nice thing about the CD where it's on: More modern sounds for concert bands, and not the usual traditional Swiss stuff.

• Never change a winning Theme

2,3 MB, 09:54 mins play
Robert Lingnau Jazz Orchestra
Soloists: Ole Seimetz, drums - Lars Kuklinski, trumpet and Tilman Ehrhorn, saxophone

I picked this title while I was writing the unspectacular opening theme of this piece. When I was thinking if this theme might be good enough, I saw a postcard that pictured two elderly gentlemen, saying "Never change a winning team". Voilà, and regards to Sven-Göran Eriksson.
It catches my eye that many arrangements start with letter "C". On the other hand, I have a lot more bigband charts that start with "P" or "W".
Anyway: Have fun listening to the music!
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