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to german musicians with english sites and other stuff

Maybe you'd like to visit some of my german fellow colleagues and friends listet here. Or some german jazz portals. Say hello from me to the people you visit from here! ;-)


Tilman Erhorn From my hometown he also moved to Berlin: Excellent tenorsax player Tilman Ehrhorn.
Sarah Kaiser Singer Sarah Kaiser, with spirited Jazz on friendly mission and works with a wide array of artist.
Niels Klein Exeptionally gifted, and he probably has the most weekly airtime in german TV: Niels Klein
Jean-Francois Prins Jean-François Prins is a nice fellow. Plus, he is a superb guitar player.
Thomas Walter-Maria Saxophone player Thomas Walter-Maria is a sought-after bigband player. In his own groups, he likes to play brazilian music.
Nils Wuelker The first german jazz musician that had a record deal with Sony Music was trumpet player and composer Nils Wülker.
Mark Wyand Mark Wyand finished his studies in Berlin with honours and works with various, well known ensembles in the field of jazz, classical and pop music..

Portals und Institutions

The Jazzinstitute in Darmstadt is Europe's largest public research archive on jazz.

Extensive information, many links to musician webpages and a community about jazz can be found at the Jazzpages.

Das Music Information Center is a portal from Germany's music council that informs about the national music scene.

A european internet magazine about art and culture is the Culturekiosque. There's also a section about jazz.

The Minnesota Department of Education offers a nice compendium about what music arrangers do, earn, learned... Minnesota


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