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What do others say?

Needless to say, this selection is a selective one. But who would not act like this? But, I promise that up to now nobody said something like: "This man should better try sports!" Or - maybe nobody dared to. ;-) Here's what some well-known fellows say:

Thanks for your great music. - Bob Mintzer

Peter Herbolzheimer

There are, and always have been, only few gifted young arrangers / composers. So much the better it is joyful that there is Robert Lingnau. There he is, a young man that is up to every trick in the area of jazz. Not only with the BBC Orchestra, the Dutch Metropole [Orchestra], phone-orchestras or with his own, but also instrumental or vocal pieces of music, it's worth listening to and interestingly written. His style has an astonishing degree of professionalism. This Robert Lingnau is very enjoyable!
- Peter Herbolzheimer

This is beautiful music. - Vince Mendoza conducted "Absence"

Brunswick Newspaper (BZ, Germany) about my Jazz Orchestra:
Great taste in choosing his musical means. [...] This orchestra comes with a number of excellent soloists, and the way they play can be virtually considered as a trademark. [...] - Roland Comes

I have had the pleasure of knowing Robert Lingnau as both a bassist and composer / arranger for several years. I'm very impressed with these aspects of his musical talents. He is a wonderful, sensitive bassist. His writing is an extension of his playing, demonstrating creativity, while at the same time reflecting respect and knowledge for the tradition of the jazz idiom. - Jiggs Whigham

Jiggs Whigham

Hanover General Newspaper (HAZ, Germany):
The impact of academies was clearly audible, but by no means in regards to scholastic inflexibility - especially Lingnau's works mostly sounded exquisitely fresh -, but as well the sense for trueness and closeness, unsuspicious of any destructive tendency, and the knowledge about the younger tradition of jazz: From the cloudy and fancy sounds of Gil Evans to the self-infatuation of sounds in No-Wave. - Martin Rolf

Congratulations on your beautiful piece.
- Maria Schneider about "Conditions"

This is no shit, man ! - Al Porcino about "Cloudburst"

N.b.: Translations of the newspaper articles and the text from P. Herbolzheimer are done by me.
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