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Robert who?

A Biography in four small, unfinished Acts:

At your right hand you can access four sections of my past to have a look at what I was doing so far and with whom. These contents will hopefully constantly augment, 'cause we all won't - as is generally known - become younger.

  • At Statements you'll find reviews and statements from well-known musicians. Needless to say I left out the disadvantageous ones.

  • A list of musicians and institutions I thankfully was working with over the years you'll see in the section Involvement.

  • A short resume can be found at Past, which can also be downloaded if needed.

  • To give you a digital idea of the person behind this website, have a look at some Pictures.

A selection of the in every respect linked item you'll find in the section Music, so that you can stream many involved musicians and bands directly into your ears.

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