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Who with whom?

On this page I list a couple of bands, musicians and institutions who played music written by me or with me, conducted or broadcasted my stuff.
  • Bands:

    BBC-Bigband, Midland Youth Orchestra (England), Metropole Orchestra (Netherlands), in Germany: Berlin Jazz Orchestra, Berlin Voices, Big Band of Hesse Broadcast, Göttingen Symphony Orchestra, National Youth Jazz Orchestra, New Amsterdam City Bigband, Robert Lingnau Jazz Orchestra, Rolf von Nordenskjøld Orchestra, State Youth Jazz Choir Berlin-Brandenburg, State Youth Jazz Orchestra Lower Saxony, Swiss Horns, translucide, Xinowa Sej

  • Int. Musicians:

    Leonardo Amuedo, Dan Collette, Peter Herbolzheimer, Bart van Lier, Vince Mendoza, Bob Mintzer, Jan Oosthof, Al Porcino, Jean-François Prins, Ack van Rooyen, John Ruddick, Jesse van Ruller, Jiggs Whigham, Pete York

  • Broadcasting Stations / Institutions:

    ORF Television (Austria), BBC (England), AVRO, NOS, Radio 2 (Netherlands), IAJE (USA), Euroring (int.), in Germany:Bavarian Broadcast (BR), Broadcast East Germany Brandenburg (ORB), Broadcast Middle Germany (MDR), Broadcast Nothern Germany (NDR), Broadcast West Germany (WDR), German Radio Berlin, Hesse Broadcast (HR), Jazzradio Berlin, Kulturradio (RBB), Radio Bremen (RB), Radio Free Berlin (SFB), RADIOkultur, Saarländ Broadcast (SR), State Theater Brunswick, Usedom Music Festival, and another one in Hungary - but I forgot the name...

A huge "Thank you!" to these and everyone else that has been involved!

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